From Farm to Table All Winter Long

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December 2018


Writer // Janelle Morrison         Photography // Lisa Burke at Farming Engineers

If you have not already frequented the Carmel Farmers Market Winter Market, you will be pleased to learn that you can still enjoy fresh produce and products from local farmers throughout the winter season. You can get many of the same products that you get from the summer market, from fresh produce, French-inspired baked goods, meats and poultry to country-fresh eggs and small batch jams and jellies in a warm, cozy and somewhat funky setting at the market’s winter home, The Wire Factory (510 Third Avenue SW).

We sat down with market volunteer and committee member Susan Bock to learn more about what the market offers during the winter season and how its vendors can produce fresh, local and straight out of Hoosier soil.

“This is our eighth year, and it has grown every single year,” Bock said. “We have 43 vendors this season, and during the Christmas season, we will have two vendors that will be there on a temporary basis. WildFlower Farms is going to with us for three Saturdays following Thanksgiving and bring fresh greens, wreaths and centerpieces. They will also provide the materials to make a porch pot.”

Bock also mentioned Bizarre Blossoms will be at the market on select dates and will bring an assortment of dried flower arrangements and wreaths. When asked how the produce vendors are able to grow fresh produce in the winter, Bock explained the concept of hoop houses.From Farm to Table All Winter Long

“A hoop house is a made up of large hoops – made of metal, plastic or wood – covered with heavy plastic,” Bock said. “The plastic is stretched over the hoops and is fastened to boards with strips of wood, metal or wire. It is heated by the sun and cooled by the wind. The plants are grown in the ground, and because the ground stays warmer in the hoop house, it extends the growing season.”

Produce like beets, potatoes, cabbage, peppers, apples, garlic, carrots and other root vegetables can be grown in a hoop house all winter long and are available all season long at the market until it closes March 30, 2019. The market is open every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

Be sure to follow the Carmel Farmers Market on Facebook for updates throughout the winter market.


2018 Carmel Farmers Market Winter Market Vendors

Mission Coffee

Maya’s Barkery*


Fishburn’s Farm Market

Circle City Kombucha


Russell Sheep Company*

Hoosier Wagyu*

Iron Haus Market

Eagle Creek Apiary

Brick House Vinaigrettes

Batch No. 2

Mallow Run Winery

Josh’s Hot Brats

Vietnamese Eggroll Bar

Johnnie Raber Family Farm

Pots & Pans Pie Co.*

Bettini Pasta*

Old Major

Cafe Baby

Phelps Family Farm

Circle City Sweets

Generations Pie Co.

Clearspring Acres

Becker Farms

No Label at the Table

One of a Kind Jams & Jellies

Aahaa Chai

Meringue Artisan Cake

Groomsville Popcorn

The Farming Engineers

Norman Mullet Farm

Guacamole & More

St. Athanasius Church

3 in 1 Restaurant

Rosie’s Riblets


Skillington Farms, Inc.

Bizarre Blossoms*

Wildflower Farm*

*indicates part-time vendors