Explore the Library After Dark: A Special Fundraising Event for Ages 21+

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February/ March 2023

Modern-day libraries are so much more than books, digital files and databases. They are also active community centers that offer an array of services, programs and events for people of all ages. The Carmel Clay Public Library is always looking for ways to connect the library to the Carmel community, and after a pandemic-imposed hiatus, CCPL is pleased to bring back a signature event: Library After Dark.

Enjoy food, beer, wine, live music and fun activities throughout the library on Saturday, April 15, starting at 7:00 p.m. and going until 10:00 p.m.

Explore the Library After Dark

Spotlighting Local While Supporting CCPL

CCPL’s Young Professionals Committee organizes this outstanding event and is ecstatic to be able to bring it back after a 4-year hiatus as a result of the pandemic. CCPL Young Professionals Committee President Hadley Moore Vlahogeorge shared some of the upcoming event’s details and more about its purpose.

“I think one thing that’s important to note: we [committee] were really inspired to create this event after seeing other ‘after dark’ events around Indianapolis,” Moore Vlahogeorge said. “So, we saw an opportunity to open a community space up to adults [21 and over] for a really fun event and for a fun night out. The library has so many incredible resources, and what more fun way to explore all of those resources and ways to enjoy our library than with a cocktail in hand? Additionally, we have fantastic vendors who are donating their food and beverages. So, we will be celebrating the Carmel culinary scene as well as the Carmel Clay Public Library.”

Moore Vlahogeorge mentioned that Sugar Creek Winery has already signed on, and the planning committee is looking forward to highlighting other generous Carmel restaurants and food and drink purveyors who will be participating.

Fun and Games … and Friendly Competition

Library After Dark will feature raffles [with stellar prizes], a wine pull, fortune telling, trivia, and a variety of games designed to evoke friendly competition among attendees.

“The library has a board game collection that they circulate, so we will have a lot of different board games, and because of the renovation, there are all these spaces designed for socializing and collaborating,” Moore Vlahogeorge shared. “And we’re going to turn them into spaces where people can gather, play and celebrate, because it’s just been so long since we’ve been able to do that. Additionally, we will have an indoor mini golf course that is going to span the entire library. So, people will be able to see the nooks and crannies of renovation that maybe they haven’t encountered yet. It’s a truly fantastic space in addition to being a community resource for books, information and technology.”

An Inclusive and Affordable Affair

Moore Vlahogeorge expressed that the committee thoughtfully priced the tickets to this year’s Library After Dark with the community [at large] in mind and is selling the tickets at $40 per person and $75 for a pair of tickets.

“We’ve taken great care to keep the price point at a very accessible price so that we don’t exclude people who might not be able to afford an expensive night out but want to come and support this event,” Moore Vlahogeorge stated. “The price of the ticket includes all of the food, alcohol and beverages, and all of the activities. Our goal is to make this a very inclusive and welcoming event for anyone 21 and over that would like to have a really good time in this community space.”

Corporate sponsorships for the event, including “Hole Sponsors” for the miniature golf course, are still available! Any local businesses or food and beverage purveyors that are interested in participating and increasing their visibility at this year’s Library After Dark are encouraged to contact CCPL for more information.

Purchase your tickets at carmelclaylibrary.org/library-after-dark, and don’t wait … this event has limited tickets and is expected to SELL OUT!