Eleven Fifty Academy Alumnus Successfully Manipulates Pokemon GO!

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IMG_11511The most popular mobile app of all time, Pokemon GO, requires users to get outside and move around, which is a happy change to most character-based apps. Like the franchise’s original lead character, Ash Ketchum, players must go on a walkabout to discover and collect new Pokemon. That remained true, however, until a few programmers around the world spoofed the system. One of those programmers is an alumnus from Eleven Fifty Academy in Carmel, Indiana.

Pokemon GO is generating more activity than Facebook and porn combined. The statistics are mind-blowing. It’s reached epic proportions within days of launch, earning millions of dollars daily while smashing the record number of candy crushers and Clash Royale players combined.

“The phenomena of this game is inspiring coders across the globe to explore the loop holes,” says Eleven Fifty Academy President John Qualls. “One of our past iOS students found a way to write his own Xcode, avoiding the soft bands.”

What this Eleven Fifty Academy graduate has accomplished is not illegal, he has not hacked the game or altered it in any way. He discovered a way within the iOS version of Pokemon GO to plug in his own variables, looping his own program to run continuously, spoofing the location services of this location-based game.

Using clues based on movies and past games, game architects include these as a “game within a game”. While programmers and Nintendo fans world-wide are exploring all possible aspects, an EFA alumnus figured out a way to incorporate his own plug-in to trick the game into thinking he is actually out and about, moving outside capturing Pokemon.

Historically, all Pokemon games made by Nintendo contain short cuts, known as “cheats”. Nintendo even releases guide books identifying these tactics. When new games are released, there is a honeymoon period where users seek them out independently. Now with social mediums such as YouTube, these cheats are shared instantly.

The former EFA iOS student utilized his knowledge and passion for coding to achieve something amazing, not by breaking any laws, but by simply approaching the challenge from an intuitive problem solving perspective. The end result is tricking the game into thinking he’s mobile, even altering his pace and patterns of his perceived mobility.

Coding schools are gaining in popularity across the country and globe, enhancing needed skills, as it is projected that one million jobs will need to be filled by a coding-skilled workforce in the year 2020 in Indiana alone. As technology trends indicate the need for job readiness, coding academies such as Eleven Fifty Academy are taking on that challenge, inspiring people of all ages to explore their penchant for coding.

Eleven Fifty Academy provides the best possible training experience while consistently accelerating the learning curve for people of all ages and skill sets. The mission of Eleven Fifty Academy is to build an ecosystem of coding talent that financially benefits the individual, their employer and their community.

Eleven Fifty Academy is a nonprofit organization that offers a variety of mobile, web and professional courses through immersive learning at subsidized rates, made possible through partnerships, corporate and individual donations.

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