Decades of Local Food, Fellowship and Entertainment

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August 2023

The Carmel Farmers Market has been offering fresh food and fellowship to the community for the last 25 years. Additionally, throughout the many years, CFM has been incorporating local music at the market that creates a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere for both vendors and visitors.

The benefits of local music at a farmer’s market extend beyond just the auditory experience. Music creates a holistic and engaging environment that promotes community, culture and commerce, making the market a dynamic and memorable destination for everyone involved.

Reciprocating Support Over The Years 

We spoke with a few of the talented musicians who have been performing at CFM for many years. While the entertainment is another value add of the farmers market, the exposure is beneficial to the local musicians as well. They get to perform and engage marketgoers of all ages while adding flavors of culture to the overall market experience.

Tim Wright

“I’ve been performing music at the CFM for at least … well, I’m not certain. Maybe 10 years now? Being a Carmel resident myself, I always look forward to playing on those Saturday mornings — only five minutes from my home. I love playing at the CFM. One of the aspects that makes this particular farmer’s market so enjoyable is the audience that comes out and sits along the terraced area and up on the lawn tables. Watching the young families with little kids running around, dancing to the music, is such a joy. The Carmel Farmer’s Market brings out the connected community aspect of Carmel — much like the Gazebo concerts, CarmelFest and the 4th of July parade each year.”

Carmel Farmers Market Entertainers

Wright added, “The beautiful surroundings on Carter Green, with the Tarkington and Studio Theaters on one side and the stunningly beautiful Palladium to the North, create [their] own kind of “Amphitheater” that delivers the music across the length of the market. Being invited to perform music at this special weekly event in the summer is an honor for me, and I always have a great time sharing something I love to do — simply playing and singing songs. Thank you, Carmel Farmers Market! It’s one more reason why I love this community!”

Island Breeze 

Greg Anderson also shared his thoughts on what makes CFM unique, from a performer’s perspective. When asked how long Island Breeze has been performing at the market, Anderson replied, “I believe our friend, Doug Dolan, commented that we’ve been involved 13 years. I love the family atmosphere more than anything. It is so heartwarming to watch Mom or Dad dancing with the kids right in front of the band! I have not attended every farmer’s market in Indiana, but of the many I have attended, the CFM is, by far, the best organized! The volunteers are like family … no, they’re like a highly trained army … WHATEVER! I LOVE THEM ALL!”

Carmel Farmers Market Entertainers

Blackberry Jam

Jean Roberts spoke on behalf of another longtime CFM musical act and crowd favorite, Blackberry Jam.

“Blackberry Jam has played at the farmers market for at least 10 years, probably more,” Roberts shared. “I know what we enjoy the most about the farmers market: the audiences are great! Playing in the small amphitheater, the good people of Carmel bring their children, and the small children dance to the music. It is very diverting and a challenge to our concentration because the children and families are so cute and beautiful. The Carmel Farmers Market is the best because it has the best produce vendors, the most beautiful flowers, and fantastic gourmet foods. It is definitely a classy market.”

Be sure to visit CFM for breakfast or lunch, while listening to live music from the Carmel Rotary Amphitheater at Carter Green. And check out CFM’s scheduled lineup of talented musicians and entertainers at