Come Fly Away With Jet Access

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August 2023

Car enthusiasts are clearly a part of the population that enjoys innovation and acceleration. So, as part of this year’s Artomobilia Weekend festivities, Jet Access is hosting a hangar party in collaboration with the organizers of Artomobilia to showcase the allure of private jet travel and a few choice examples of luxury jets.

Aside from the luxury and convenience of private jet travel, Jet Access offers safe, cost-effective, uncomplicated, and comfortable private jet travel. Jet Access is the first vertically integrated full-service aviation management company in the industry. Its team consists of highly experienced, qualified, knowledgeable and results-oriented professionals.

Jet Access and Artomobilia

Committed to Excellence 

Jet Access Executive Vice President of FBO Development Sean White spoke about the aviation services Jet Access offers and about hosting this year’s newest Artomobilia event: Veloce on Friday, September 8 at the Jet Access Center at the Indianapolis Executive Airport in Zionsville. The five verticals that Jet Access operates are charter and management services, maintenance and avionics, FBO and airports, aircraft sales and flight training.

“Jet Access is a multi-vertical aviation business,” White said. “While Jet Access is locally owned and based, we are a national company that operates the five aviation verticals. We’ve got about 400 employees across the country and all of our divisions. The company is primarily owned by the Ricker Family, who previously owned Ricker’s Convenient Stores. After [the Ricker Family] sold their convenience stores, this was their next business venture. We have 10 FBO locations and 2 additional locations where we operate our flight school without the FBO. We do both international and domestic travel, and we operate out of the Indianapolis area, primarily, and we have a strong presence in Columbus, Indiana, with our flight training facility. We’ve certainly seen high demands in the flight training side of our business and a huge shift in interest coming from younger people. We are limited by supply [planes and instructors], not by demand for flight training.”

When asked why he thinks there has been an increase in the number of people interested in private jet travel, White responded, “Private aviation is not that inaccessible, and I think there are a lot of ways to get into private aviation, from charter services to shared aircraft ownership or full ownership. People may not realize all the different opportunities and price points that are available and what [private aviation] can do for their lives, in terms of saving time and returning them to their families safely and more quickly. A trip that would take you away from your family for 2-3 days can be done in a single day and have you back in time before dinner. That’s a game-changer for people.”

Introducing Veloce

Veloce is the largest, premium automotive and aircraft-focused hangar party in Indianapolis, hosted in the world-class Jet Access Center at the Indianapolis Executive Airport in Zionsville. Join automotive enthusiasts and collectors, as well as business and civic leaders from Hamilton and surrounding counties, as Artomobilia and Jet Access celebrate an unmatched collection of wings and wheels that will engage and delight.

“Certainly, when you do something like this on an airfield, in a hangar, there’s a uniqueness that draws people out,” White observed. “I think people are usually interested in aviation; it’s one of those things that piques people’s interest, and it’s a different event. We are having a lot of fun making it into a nice indoor/outdoor evening event where people have the opportunity to see not only cars but we’ll have a couple of charter aircraft for people to view and walk through. There are a lot of commonalities between a crowd of folks who like fast cars and folks who like airplanes. So, Veloce is a fun mix of these two things.”

Jet Access and Artomobilia

Artomobilia Event Director John Leonard added, “It’s the only hangar party in Indianapolis that will focus on supercars and hypercars. It’s a unique experience and one that I’ve only done one other time in 2019. It was a wild success, but COVID put a stop to it, and I’ve been told by more than one person that out of all of the Artomobilia evening events that we’ve done, the hangar party was their favorite. So, we’re rebooting it, calling it a different name and will be bringing out cars that will delight and amaze. In fact, the Lotus guys [Gator Motor Sport] are bringing some brand-new Lotuses from the UK, so there will be lots to see and something for everybody.”

To purchase tickets to Veloce, visit, and for more information on Jet Access and all of its aviation services, visit