City of Carmel Official Holiday Ornament Pays Tribute to 25 Years of Roundabouts

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Date: November 18, 2022

Contact: Nancy Heck

CARMEL, IN – The 2022 City of Carmel official ornament has arrived just in time for this weekend’s grand opening of the Carmel Christkindlmarkt and Ice at Carter Green. This year’s ornament is shaped like a stocking and is adorned with images from some of Carmel’s most iconic roundabout sculptures as we celebrate 25 years of roundabouts in Carmel.

This is the sixth official city ornament since the annual tradition began in 2017, the same year we launched the first Christkindlmarkt. Previous designs paid tribute to other well-known features such as the Palladium, City Hall, the Arts & Design District and the Christkindlmarkt.

This year’s ornament will be on sale beginning Saturday, November 19 at the Christkindlmarkt souvenir hut and the All Things Carmel hut. In addition, the ornament will also be available at the All Things Carmel store on Main Street. The cost is $20 and proceeds are used for community events and festivals.

Below are the specific roundabouts featured on this year’s ornament.

Cyclo – Brad Howe

Cyclo was commission for the roundabout at Range Line Road and East Smoky Row to create an uplifting, playful artwork that brightens the mood of residents and motorists who pass by. Inspired by still photography of modern ballet dancers, Cyclo captures the visible physical energy of dancers, an energy that the artist feels can also be found in nature.

Homage to Hoagy – Arlon Bayliss

Homage to Hoagy, a unique, high-profile sculpture designed by Arlon Bayliss, celebrates Indiana native, Hoagy Carmichael. Installed within the roundabout next to the Palladium, the 38-foot-tall sculpture was commissioned in 2018 and installed in 2020 and features abstract stars, moons and musical notes that burst joyfully from at tilted gramophone. Complimenting the sculpture are two interactive kiosks with gramophone horns and crank handles that activate digital recordings of Carmichael’s works.

Reckon – Brad Howe

Made of 100 percent brightly colored stainless steel, the concept for Reckon centers around the term itself; to reckon is to arrive at a deduction of conclusion, with a quality of intuitive thinking and approximate guessing. Reckon resides within the roundabout at Range Line Road and Elm Street which also marks the southern entrance to Carmel’s Arts & Design District.

Grace, Love and Joy – Arlon Bayliss

This 42-foot-high illuminated steel sculpture features three pink roses with gold and silver stems wrapped in ribbon and is in the roundabout at Old Meridian Street and Pennsylvania Street. Artist Arlon Bayliss says that his “hope is that this sculpture not only beautifies the neighborhood but also lifts the hearts of folks who visit, live and work nearby with its everlasting message of grace, love and joy.”

Beacon Bloom – Arlon Bayliss

At Carmel’s southern border of 96th Street and Westfield Boulevard stands Beacon Bloom. Viewers approaching and passing the roundabout see three, steel flower-like structures with curvy stems. At night the structure displays a delicate, multi-colored play of lights. Says Bayliss, “the sculpture serves as a beacon, signaling the presence of the roundabout not with a warning, but with a welcoming expression of hope and growth.”

Wire Deer Family – William Arnold

Hoosier artist William Arnold’s passion for sculpting wildlife and desire to create pieces that add beauty to their surroundings, are apparent in his wire deer family in the roundabout at 96th Street and Ditch Road. His hope was to give viewers a brief respite from their drive and create a lasting landmark. Arnold’s work can be found elsewhere in Indiana; his American Bison, a life-sized wire sculpture of a male bison, is located at the west entrance to the Indianapolis Zoo.

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