City of Carmel Installs New Photo Opportunity on the Back of the Midtown Screen

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Date: March 29, 2021

Contact: Nancy Heck (317)571-2474

CARMEL, IN – Say cheese! Yet another vibrant splash of color will be added to Carmel’s Midtown Plaza in the form of a “selfie station” mural on or after March 30. Applied to the back of the BIG SCREEN at Midtown Plaza, the 45-foot illustration by Wilkinson Brothers Design will face Elm Street.

“We built Midtown Plaza in order to bring people together from all walks of life, from nearby residents to the hundreds of workers along the Monon Greenway. It is nice to see these public spaces filled with so many who are creating memories that can now be captured with this new selfie station,” said Mayor Jim Brainard.

“We were inspired by vintage travel postcards that welcome visitors and promote local tourism. Our goal was to create engaging public art, but also creatively represent what makes the City of Carmel a welcoming draw for residents and visitors alike,” said Corey Wilkinson.

The Carmel-based illustrators created vignettes that feature Carmel’s architecture, parks, art scene and entertainment culture inside the letterforms and oversized postage stamps. Similar to the selfie stations seen in other tourist-friendly cities, our hope is to give the tens of thousands of visitors to Carmel an opportunity to chronical their time in our community. By posting these selfies on social media, the City of Carmel will be able to show what a great place it is to live, work and play as often noted by national surveys and publications.

Passers-by are encouraged to take a picture with the selfie station, post it on social media and tag the City of Carmel on Facebook and Instagram. A decal indicating where to stand for a picture-perfect selfie will be placed on the sidewalk on the south side of Elm Street, just outside Java House Coffee Bar and Penn & Beech Candle Co (pictured below).

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