Cigar Haven Celebrates 10 Years

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Writer / Pete Walkey

Cigar Haven is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Fishers resident Barbara Munchel is living her lifelong dream. It all started back in college she fell in love with cigars for feminist reasons; to prove she could do anything a man could do.

While working in the tobacco industry for 23 years, a regular customer named Gene repeatedly told her that someday he would be in a position to make her dream of owning a cigar store come true. “I was absolutely flabbergasted the day he came in and said it was time to pick out a location.” said Munchel. He financed her dream and Cigar Haven was born. That was 10 years ago.

16240849615_b6fbfc16fe_mHer passions are cigars, bulldogs and her customers.

“I love the people who smoke cigars. They are independent, self-assured, decision makers and the best storytellers in the world,” says Munchel.

Many of her customers are business owners, physicians, attorneys and financial advisors. Listening to Munchel interact with regular customers confirms she is the most well-known cigar aficionado in the Midwest. She understands their pallets so well that when discovering a new cigar, she knows exactly which customers would enjoy it most.

Munchel’s favorite cigar is the Cuban Stock Exquisito Limitada. She loves the development of flavor, the complexity and the constant change from the first draw.

The biggest difference between Cigar Haven and tobacco stores is the time Munchel spends with customers. She wants them to understand what they’re smoking, what they like and what flavors they appreciate most. Her customers come from several different countries and many surrounding states. Cigar Haven offers the most extensive inventory in the Midwest, with a heavy emphasis on boutique cigars.

“Cigars come from basically three different regions: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras. We have cigars from all three regions,” says Munchel when describing her vast inventory.16238985771_4008dfc028_m (1)

For the purchase of a cigar, you are welcome to enjoy the comfortably appointed Haven lounge while you savor your smoke, watch satellite TV, chat with friends, make new friends, or — if absolutely required — catch up on work. You can also relax with your favorite cigar and be mesmerized by the grace of salt-water fish. It’s as close to instant Valium that you get without a prescription.

Visit Munchel and Cigar Haven at 11017 Allisonville Rd. in Fishers, just south of 116th Street.

For those cigar lovers who want even more from their lounge visit, Cigar Haven offer memberships to Gene’s Cave, a private lounge beyond the Haven. Membership includes:

-A private cigar locker with custom nameplate
-Additional discounts on boxes of cigars and accessories
-A getaway to bring a guest for fun or business
-Keyed entry
-A chess table
-A poker table
-Complimentary refreshments