Cereset Shares How to Enjoy the Holidays More by Sleeping Better!

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November/December 2023

Proper sleep plays a crucial role in managing stress. This fact is particularly relevant during the holiday season when many people experience increased stress levels due to various factors such as travel, family gatherings and financial pressures.

How Consistent Sleep Improves Your Mood

Establishing a consistent sleep routine can provide a sense of stability and predictability during the often chaotic holiday season. A regular sleep schedule helps regulate circadian rhythms and contributes to a more balanced, resilient stress response.

To ensure you benefit from the stress-relieving effects of sleep during the holidays, prioritize good sleep hygiene practices, such as maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, creating a comfortable sleep environment, and avoiding stimulants close to bedtime. These habits contribute to better overall well-being and can enhance your ability to cope with the demands of the holiday season.

Additionally, the experts at Cereset can help your brain free itself from stress, enabling you to achieve higher levels of well-being and balance.

Cereset on enjoying Holidays

The Body’s Stress Response System Needs Proper Sleep

Cereset is a wellness company that helps clients manage stress, restore hope and finally achieve restful sleep through their BrainEcho technology. This approach empowers the brain to reset itself as it hears and “sees” its own reflection.

Owner and tech coach Brenda Hanning has been helping people manage stress better since opening her office in Carmel in 2018. Hanning explains how stress impacts one’s sleep patterns.

“Stress triggers our body’s stress response system, which can harm your well-being and prevent you from getting a reasonable amount of sleep,” Hanning says. “The autonomic nervous system controls our ability to respond to and regulate stress. When stress is severe or prolonged, the stress system can get stuck ‘on’ just like a button that has been pressed too many times. Someone stuck in a ‘fight or flight’ response will often report a chronic feeling of underlying tension and anxiety. They may also report great difficulty sleeping and feel their brain is constantly racing or ‘on alert.’ Those stuck in a ‘freeze’ response will often report feeling numb or disconnected with poor sleep. When they experience stress, they tend to shut down and retreat into themselves. They also tend to report low energy and slow cognitive processes such as problem-solving or decision making.”

According to the American Psychological Association, 38% of the people they surveyed said their stress increased during the holiday season, which can lead to physical illness, depression, anxiety and substance misuse.

“While fun and festive for many, this time of year isn’t a carefree and happy time for everyone,” Hanning shares. “Quality sleep during the holidays helps us be less irritable and helps us be more patient with disturbing family comments and heated exchanges that can occur over the holidays.”

Hanning continues. “Sleep is an essential requirement to health. Without proper sleep, your mood, energy, ability to cope with stress, sleep and thinking abilities are compromised. For example, people crash their cars, fail exams, get sick, gain weight, grow edgy, angry, anxious or become depressed when they have ongoing issues with sleep. Restful sleep can only happen when the brain can function the way it should. That means neural connections are healthy and strong, and that brainwave patterns are working in balance and harmony.”

Cereset on enjoying Holidays

When asked what quantifies as proper sleep for adults and whether these recommendations change as we get older, Hanning replied, “Only 1 in 5 Americans receives the recommended 6 to 9 hours of sleep each night, with 30% of the working population getting less than six hours. It’s not true that older people need less sleep. Getting proper sleep at night helps keep you healthy and alert regardless of your age.”

And no, “catching up” on sleep is not a viable solution.

“Catching up on sleep over the weekend may seem like a solution, but that’s just a myth,” Hanning reveals. “Regular sleep each night is the only way to be fully rested. You will always pay a price for a sleep deficit with your health and quality of life.”

How Cereset Helps You Learn to Manage Stress Better

“It is your brain that has been overstressed, and therefore, managing stress requires you to help your brain,” Hanning states. “The best way possible is to help your brain optimize itself to self-regulate as well as possible. Nothing previously known in the world has been as effective in clinical trials to help the brain to self-regulate as Cereset—CE for ‘cerebrum’ and ‘reset.’ [We have] three offices here in Indiana as well as more than 60 offices around the USA. The non-invasive health and wellness technology supports your brain to optimize you in every way and to manage stress.”

To help manage the stress of the holiday season, Hanning shared some additional key steps:

  • Use Cereset to assist your brain in managing stress by improving sleep and lowering holiday stress.
  • Do some form(s) of exercise, especially taking time to walk and/or doing light workouts.
  • Don’t “burn the candle at both ends.” Try to discipline yourself to get to bed at a regular time to have at least six to seven hours of sleep.
  • Though the temptation may loom, don’t overindulge in alcohol or food.

If you follow the steps above, we at Cereset believe that despite the stress that we all carry, you can fully enjoy the holiday season.


If you want to learn more about using Cereset to help your brain reset and relax, Lee Gerdes, Founder and CEO of Cereset, offers Cereset BrainTalks. Lee presents new topics on chronic challenges to our health and wellness and explains how the Cereset neuromodulation process can help your brain help you. Links to past BrainTalks can be found at Cereset.com.

Are sessions HSA or FSA eligible?

Check to see if your HSA has approved wellness modalities to determine if you can use your HSA for Cereset.

What offers are available this holiday season or for new clients?

Cereset Carmel offers a $99 Intro Session and a complete Wellness Package for $1500. Anti-aging protocols are included in the Wellness Package!

Call 317-922-7588 to schedule a session as soon as you can. Learn more about Cereset at Cereset.com.