New Franchise Helps with Sleep and Relaxation

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Submitted article  Photography // Laura Arick

Recent surveys have shown that more than half of Americans have trouble sleeping at some point during every month. Reasons for sleep problems can vary, but often, the cause is stress. If you have trouble sleeping because of stress or perhaps you have had a physical or mental trauma that has interrupted your sleep pattern, there is help.

Cereset, a wellness company that uses a non-invasive all-natural technology called BrainEcho to help people achieve restful and restorative sleep, has opened a franchise in Carmel at 160 W. Carmel Dr., Suite 186. This is the first franchise in the state of Indiana and is owned by Brenda Hanning who served clients in the Indianapolis area for five years with the previous generation of Cereset’s technology under the name Balanced Matter.

Hanning sought out the technology when her son began to struggle with anxiety and panic attacks and was unable to go to school. After two years of treatment by psychiatrists and therapists and being on medication, Hanning decided to try a new noninvasive technology she heard about, which relaxed stress and trauma patterns in the brain. She took her son to the closest provider in Chicago.

“A month after his sessions, he was back in the land of the living. He was able to go back to school, and he was able to do the work of learning coping skills through therapy,” she says. Being under stress herself with the ordeal, Hanning also participated in the sessions in Chicago and had the same positive results.

“I clearly remember driving during a bright beautiful day, and a feeling of bliss came over me. It was a feeling of gratitude that I hadn’t been in touch with for a few years.” Hanning felt compelled to bring the technology to Indianapolis and became a licensed provider. With advancements in technology and a franchise model being established, she decided to take the step of becoming a franchisee. “It was a logical next step for me to upgrade to the newest version of the technology,” she says.

Hanning points to studies that have shown that stress can cause the brain to become unbalanced, leading to anxiety, inability to focus, feelings of restlessness and trouble sleeping. People suffering from many other conditions can benefit as well.

The founder of Cereset, Lee Gerdes, developed the technology after a traumatic and violent attack left him unable to sleep for many years. Using his expertise in physics, mathematics, computer software and psychology, he discovered the power of the brain’s self-healing properties.

Cereset’s technology uses sensors to detect brain rhythms, which echo as audio tones played back to the client. The BrainEcho™ process happens in real-time between the computer and the brain to produce a relaxed brain, which can manage stress and support restful sleep.

The technology basically empowers the brain to reset itself as it hears and “sees” its own reflection, enabling the brain to fully relax and reset itself to its natural balance from the inside out. There is no outside intervention, stimulus or medication of any kind. The brain does all the work while the client naps or relaxes in a comfortable chair.

Cereset, whose name comes from the words Cerebrum (brain) and the word reset, has been used successfully with more than 130,000 clients in 25 countries. Hanning calls it a life tool for everyone.

“My clients have been professionals looking for peak performance, individuals wanting to overcome lingering effects from accidents or sports activities, kids struggling with focus and behavior challenges, stressed-out parents and people with sleep issues,” she says, adding that it is also for people who just want to perform better. “There’s a lot of professional athletes that use it. Perhaps they have had concussions or lingering effects of concussions. Or maybe they just want to perform better. They want a stronger mind/body connection. They don’t want the anxiety that they might experience when they are performing, so it helps them find that inner calm.”

“Owning a Cereset franchise is personal to me,” she says. “After utilizing the Cereset technology, the positive results were so significant, I felt compelled to bring this technology to my community to help more people take back control of their lives,” she says. “I am committed to getting the word out about Cereset, so the community knows there is a new safe and highly effective technology in town that helps their brain reset, relax and get unstuck.”

Cereset is not a medical procedure and is not covered by health insurance. However, Cereset may be eligible for health savings account (HSA) funds.

Hanning describes the technology as difficult to explain but easy to experience, so she has a limited time Grand Opening offer for a free consultation and mini session so that you can experience it for yourself. She works by appointment only and can be reached at 317-922-7588 or [email protected]. You can also visit for more information.