Carmel Seniors Award Local HS Seniors Scholarships

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On May 13th, The Stratford awarded three scholarships to applicants in the Carmel area. Winners were
invited to join Members in their Sweet Hospitality Room to receive their awards. The Silver Pen
Competition has been hosted by The Stratford, parent company, The Maxwell Group, since 2012. The
Maxwell Group has awarded over $329,750 to high school seniors to assist with their college costs. The
goal of the competition is to bridge the communication gap between high school seniors and community
Members as a part of their J.O.Y. (Joining Older and Younger) Program.

Members at The Stratford play an important role as judges of this competition. “The Silver Pen
Scholarship is an extraordinary opportunity for our Members to connect with our local community in a
meaningful way,” says Sam Carrillo, The Stratford’s executive director. This year the essay topic was
“There are many people that can be influential to an individual’s life whether they be someone in history
or known personally to that individual. If you could have a conversation with anyone, living or deceased,
who would it be and why? What would you discuss?” All participants were required to submit a written
essay of 1,000 words.
This year $3,750 in scholarships were awarded for the top three entries. Congratulations to:
1st Place Winner – Briana Chen
2nd Place Winner – Felicia Sanders
3rd Place Winner – Maya Turner

To learn more about the Silver Pen Competition, visit . The Stratford is an
all-inclusive luxury retirement community with Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled
Nursing and Rehab services. The community’s premier lifestyle helps Members live longer, healthier,
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