Carmel Resident Opens Serenity Foot Spa

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April 2018


Carmel resident, Jianer Chen, recently opened her second spa in the Indianapolis area. This new spa is located at 3826 East 82nd Street, Indianapolis. Chen is originally from China and was a nurse there.  She then worked for several years in spas in the Chicago area as a massage therapist.   With all that training and experience, Chen naturally wanted to open her own spa.  She opened her first location in Plainfield last June and opened the second location in the Castleton/Fashion Mall area in January.

The name might be a bit misleading because Serenity Foot Spa offers more services than just foot massages, such as full body Swedish massage, deep tissue massages and hot stone options.  However, Chen’s Chinese training and heritage brings a profound understanding and appreciation for the practice of foot massage/reflexology and how it can help in treating the entire body.

This expertise in reflexology and foot massage, Chen believes, not only will help you alleviate the stress of the modern life, but also ensure smooth and unhindered energy flow throughout the body. According to Chinese medicine, the foot is in fact a distinct portal directly connected to all body parts and organs. The foot serves as a hub of triggers to re-energize and reclaim a healthy equilibrium of various body parts. Therefore, massaging certain specific pressure points on the foot will trigger therapeutic effects to the corresponding body organs.

When you walk into Serenity Foot Spa, you will notice a welcoming atmosphere and its outstanding surroundings, unlike many of the local foot massage establishments that resemble manufacturing plants.  Serenity Foot Spa even has a wonderful room for couple’s massages that includes a cozy fireplace and relaxing video screen.

According to Chen, she wants Serenity Foot Spa to be a time and space for inspiration and regeneration, where the body and mind meet for a holistic celebration of physical and spiritual well-being.  Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are preferred to make sure your experience is all that you hope it to be.

If you are looking for a place to schedule your escape from stress, tense muscles, and more, call Serenity Foot Spa today to set up an appointment or visit