Carmel is off to a running start in 2017

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February 2017.

Writer –  Janelle Morrison

It is exciting to see the city grow and change over time,” Hollibaugh said. “The new buildings and subdivisions in the works are an important part of the city’s plans including our master plan and fiscal plan. As the city evolves and our population matures, new residents in single-family subdivisions and apartment buildings contribute to the workforce and school system; they shop in our stores and eat in our restaurants.” Carmel Real Estate developments

The city of Carmel has a lot to offer company headquarters and potential investors who are interested in the redevelopment that is putting the city on the map for reasons other than its round-a- abouts. “New office and new mixed-use buildings keep our business areas vital and competitive, and their contribution to the tax base helps keep our property taxes as some of the lowest in the state,” said Hollibaugh. “Carmel continues to market to the decision makers in the
business world that are considering the city as the city’s projects, including Midtown and the Proscenium, are going very well,”

Mayor Brainard said. “The Proscenium project, located where the former Arby’s and Party Time Rental were located, will create more connectivity to the City Hall, City Center, Midtown and to Main Street. We are very excited about the redevelopment and new development that is taking place right now,” he said.
The Proscenium, developed by Anderson Birkla, will boast a 236,017-sq. ft. up- scale, apartment complex with 224 units, 60,000 sq. ft. of offices and 20,000 sq. ft. of retail spaces. This also includes a pro- posed parking structure with 449 spaces and a large area for public gathering.

Brainard mentioned that the city continues to look at improving the local transportation system by studying the various methods of mass transit and its impact on the city’s core. “We continue to look at ways to improve the transportation system in downtown Carmel,” he said. “We continue to look at designs and at how to bring a mass transit system to our city. We are looking at the possibility of connecting a tram or street car system in the center part of the city to get people back and forth without having to use their personal vehicles. This will also reduce the demand with parking. We also continue to make our community a more walkable one, and with the Midtown project, walk- ability for all residents will be improved. It is important to implement this idea continue to raise the quality of life and make Carmel a more competitive city.”

Brainard concluded, “As we approve development plans for each remaining prospective development, residential or commercial, it is important they are designed and completed appropriately for the sake of the existing neighborhoods and surrounding developments. We are looking forward to all that is coming in 2017.”

New office and new mixed-use buildings keep our business areas vital and competitive”