Carmel Native Carson Ruby Kimmerly Shares Her Brush with a Grammy Awards Nomination

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November/December 2023

For a former Carmel High School graduate, the prospect of being considered for a Grammy Award nomination is nothing short of a magical opportunity. It transcends the ordinary and becomes a testament to the extraordinary talent and dedication that have blossomed within the familiar landscapes of her upbringing.

The journey from Carmel’s local stages to the grandeur of the Grammy Awards is a poignant reminder that dreams cultivated in the embrace of one’s hometown can indeed reach global heights. It symbolizes individual achievement and serves as an anthem for the community that has shaped and supported this artist. It is a rare and special moment marking an extraordinary chapter in the story of a girl raised in Carmel, Indiana, who dared to dream beyond the boundaries of her familiar streets.

Carmel Native Carson Ruby Kimmerly

Meet Carson Ruby Kimmerly, aka “KIMMERLY”

Kimmerly’s educational journey began at Mohawk Trails Elementary, continued at Clay Middle School, and concluded upon her high school graduation in 2021. Throughout her years in the Carmel Clay Schools, Kimmerly was involved in the district’s music programs and has played the violin since sixth grade. She embraced extracurricular opportunities, fostering a love for music and the arts. Attending events at the Palladium, marveling at public art scattered throughout the city, and making several trips to Newfields [formerly the Indianapolis Museum of Art] were just a few experiences that nurtured Kimmerly’s creative passions.

Today, she is known as KIMMERLY, a recording artist who has expressed that she owes her artistic journey to the rich tapestry of opportunities that Carmel and central Indiana offered her. She was thrilled to share with our publication and her hometown community that the extended version of her song “Waterlily” was considered for the 66th Annual Grammy Awards in the esteemed category of Best Alternative Performance. And though her exceptional song did not make the final cut that would have earned her a place at the upcoming awards show in 2024, she has gained invaluable experiences and connections within the Grammy Awards committee and music industry that are propelling this talented artist to the top.

“I really try not to take the accessibility to the arts that I had for granted,” Kimmerly said. “Carmel is a great place to grow up. I took violin lessons from Natalie Schoeff, who is a former orchestra teacher [at] Carmel Middle School. That was a really big building block for me music-wise.”

Post graduation, Kimmerly and her mother moved to the Fort Myers area in Florida, where she began teaching violin lessons while seriously focusing on songwriting and recording her music. While honing her music and persona, Kimmerly shared how she intertwined her love of visual arts with her passion for creating music.

“For me, you can’t have art without music or music without art,” Kimmerly stated. “They’re one and the same. Songs with lyrics are poetry and all of these things—writing, music, visual arts and anything that’s a creative expression from somebody can be expressed in a lot of different ways, and I take inspiration from anything that is art. The muse finds you, I guess.”

Kimmerly connected with artist Casey Krawczyk, who painted Kimmerly’s album art for “Waterlily.”

“Casey has been a wonderful friend and muse to me,” Kimmerly shared. “She used my song ‘Waterlily’ in one of her TikTok and Instagram videos where she was out on a pond in a little paddleboat, painting water lilies. She’s out of New York, and I’m going to meet her this December when I go up to record at Plaid Dog Studios.”

Carmel Native Carson Ruby Kimmerly

Experience Is Life’s Greatest Teacher

While in high school, Kimmerly wrote and self-released music under different genres, styles and performer names. It was when she moved to Florida and released “Waterlily” in June 2022 that everything started to come together and revealed to her the path she is currently traversing.

“That was the first song that I released after moving to Florida, and at first, there wasn’t a whole lot of traction,” Kimmerly recalled. “I used social media quite a bit to help spread the word and worked with some PR firms to promote myself. I sent my song out to different publishers, blogs, labels and managers. And in June of 2022, I sent it to Al Gomes, who runs Big Noise, an artist development and music promotion firm.”

Gomes has worked with many different artists, including the Beach Boys, Christina Aguilera, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Katharine McPhee and many more. Kimmerly mentioned that Gomes is a longtime voting member of the Recording Academy.

“He wrote me back a year later,” Kimmerly remembered. “He said he was interested in working with me, and so I worked with him on a campaign to get my song, the extended version of ‘Waterlily,’ considered for Best Alternative Performance. The first round of voting ended in October, and then we waited for the big vote on November 10. It was incredible to be involved in the process, and I met some other independent artists who were also [being considered] for the Grammy Awards. I met quite a few people and Recording Academy members. I made a lot of contacts throughout this experience.”

Kimmerly added, “No Grammy nomination for me this year, but there are big things on the horizon for me and I do consider it an honor to have been involved in the process. I will definitely be trying again next year! In better news, we are diving in deep with my album fundraising campaign! The full campaign on the crowdfunding site will go live on December 18, and we’ve been accepting pledges until we go live and begin accepting donations at Carson Ruby Kimmerly Project Preview — Plaid Dog Recording, [which can be] found at this link:”

The funds that Kimmerly has and continues to raise afforded her a visit up the East Coast this December to Waltham, Massachusetts.

“The money I’ve been raising will allow me to record my album at Plaid Dog Recording,” Kimmerly said excitedly. “This studio allows artists [to record] who don’t necessarily have the resources, and they help the artists raise money and put together a campaign like mine to cover studio fees. Up to this point, all of my work has been self-produced and self-recorded, so to be able to work with producers and a recording studio is really exciting! I’ve received a lot of support from family, friends and fans so far. It’s all more than I have ever dreamed of, and it’s so cool that this is happening for me now!”

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