Carmel Monthly and Good Day Carmel Enter into a Collaborative Agreement

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May 2017

Recently, Carmel Monthly and Good Day Carmel reached an agreement to work together to better serve the residents of Carmel. While both publications share a common editorial philosophy of providing the residents of Carmel with quality content that is informative while shining a positive light on the people and events of Carmel, the different media in which we operate, print versus digital, presented a natural opportunity to collaborate.

Good Day Carmel is a 501(c)(3) not for profit launched in 2014 with the express purpose to promote positive stories about Carmel. Good Day Carmel provides a daily e-newsletter with many of the stories submitted to Good Day Carmel editors by residents who want to share their good news opportunities with fellow citizens. On Fridays, the newsletter features the latest schedule of upcoming activities for busy weekends in Carmel.
Residents have come to rely on this timely update in order to take advantage of as many activities as possible. In addition, each month a series of bloggers post their observations and opinions about the city they love.

Many times, Carmel Monthly is asked to help promote events that fall outside of our print deadlines and will now look to Good Day Carmel’s digital platform to help in those situations, in addition to Carmel Monthly’s social media outlets. While each of our publications shall remain independent, you will see a sharing of content between Carmel Monthly and Good Day Carmel as well as each publication promoting the other to its readers.
We encourage you to sign up for Good Day Carmel e-newsletters by going to