Carmel Mom of the Year Finalists

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Congratulations to our Carmel Mom of the Year finalists! Voting ends on April 10, so good luck!

Sheri Wood

Nominated by Paul Nejezchleb

My wife Sheri should be the “Mom of the Year” because she is a wonderful, loving, caring, mommy to our two children, Benjamin who is 5 years old, and Izabel who is 1 years old. She is not only a full time wife, and mom, but a full time first grade teacher that teaches at an inner city charter school for low income students. She gets up at 5 am each day to teach her students, then comes home and cares for the family. She works very hard and does a great job of being a mommy, wife, and teacher.

Linda Sullivan

Nominated by Debbie Loefgren

Linda, along with her husband, has raised two autistic sons, with dignity and grace. She was her boys’ strongest advocate as they navigated the public schools, and now she heads up a support group for other parents. Both of Linda’s boys, now men, have jobs but live at home. And so, her love and support as a mom continues…

Christy Nowlin

Nominated by Marty Nowlin

If I could put a statue or sculpture of Christy in the front yard, I would (but the Home Owners Assoc kindly rejected). Moms of the year deal with “crazy” and then go above and beyond. I am a crazy husband, with a crazy dog, three crazy kids (2, 9, 11) with a crazy travel schedule. Christy is the glue that keeps it all together – the house, the homework, the schedules, the appointments, the chaos. Yet, still finds time to help family, friends, schools and the church. Are you kidding me? Who does that? Moms of the Year, that’s who!

Dr. Margaret Frazer

Nominated by Katherine Abigail Frazer

They tell me it is never easy raising children and from what I am told, girls can be a bit tougher than boys especially in their formative teenage years. If that theory holds true, raising one might be a bit trying but tackling nine at a time could be an automatic nomination for sainthood. We first six girls were challenging enough but to finish it off with triplets had to be ground-breaking. A neurologist, a Senior Medical Director for Pfizer, a constant community volunteer, and the sweetest, most loving woman ever makes my Mom the “Mom of the Year.

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