Join Us for the Guilded Leaf Book and Author Events

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September 2020

It is sufficient to say that it has been a challenging year for nonprofits due to the pandemic; however, the Carmel Clay Public Library Foundation and Guild members have worked tirelessly to create a safe and meaningful program for the 16th Annual Guilded Leaf Book and Author Events.

While the changes to the program include nixing the Wednesday evening event, Writers at the Pavilion, this year, the Thursday program includes TWO events at the beautiful Ritz Charles in Carmel—the Book and Author Breakfast and the Book and Author Luncheon.

What Is the Guilded Leaf Book and Author Luncheon?

For those who have never attended, the traditionally held Guilded Leaf Book and Author Luncheon is a popular and engaging event that features seven nationally known authors who share their stories about life, writing and books. Attending one or both of these events is a wonderful way to support the Carmel Clay Public Library Foundation, which in turn supports the Carmel Clay Public Library’s extensive menu of programs that are available for the entire Carmel community.

In addition to enjoying a delicious breakfast or lunch and conversations [while safely social distancing] with fascinating tablemates, attendees will enjoy listening to seven incredibly talented authors speak throughout the course of the meals that will be moderated once again by popular columnist, author and speaker Lori Borgman.

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Providing a Safe and Engaging Program for This Year’s Attendees

The CCPL Foundation Executive Director Elizabeth Hamilton shared, “I believe it’s important to stress not only the safety aspects but the reason why we decided to forge ahead with this event. We felt it was important to offer a way to support literacy in our community, which hasn’t had an outlet for so long. And I think it’s important to let people know, if they don’t feel comfortable coming to the events this year—even with the safety measures that we’ve taken—they can still support the library and literacy in our community by participating in the auction and by purchasing books online.”

There will be 250 attendees at each event (the breakfast and luncheon) with four attendees at each eight-top table.

“We wanted to find a way to host the events in a very safe and effective manner using a ballroom that can seat 1,000 and having only 250 people at each event,” Hamilton explained. “The breakfast is from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. and the lunch is from noon to 2 p.m.”

Hamilton continued, “Historically, we’ve always had a silent auction setup, a table for book sales and a raffle going on. All of that will still be happening, but it will be online this year. Two weeks prior to the event, everyone will receive a link, and they’ll be able to shop from their own home and still participate in the raffle and the auction and purchase any books that they would like.”

There will be envelopes provided at each seat for the in-person attendees at their tables that will include a book order form.

Carmel library events
Elizabeth Hamilton

“They can fill out the order form and leave it at their table for us to pick up,” Hamilton said. “The following week, they will receive an email telling them when their curbside orders will be ready for pickup at the new temporary library location [the old Marsh] at 116th and Merchants Square. They will drive up, roll their windows down—we will be masked—and we will place their purchases in their back seats. If attendees still want their books signed, we will have them signed, but they will receive their signed books upon pickup.”

For attendees or those who are planning on ordering online, Hamilton emphasized that arrangements can be made to have books mailed or delivered locally.

A Dedicated Group of Volunteers

The group of dedicated women who have organized this incredible event for the past 15 years and have worked these last several months on making their 16th event just as special as well as safe for their supporters deserve our applause.

“It’s a group of 75 [strong] volunteers who come together and share a love of the library,” Hamilton said. “A lot of them are retired teachers and retired librarians. They understand the importance of literacy to a child, and they want to make certain that what the library does for the community doesn’t ever wane.”

The Carmel Clay Public Library has over 2,000 programs that are not just for Carmel residents and cardholders but are open to everyone.

“Libraries are not just the backbone of our community,” Hamilton expressed. “They are the backbone of our nation. Libraries support and bring communities together. Libraries provide a safe place where everyone is welcome to walk through the door and change their lives. We are here to help them do that.”

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