Carmel Artmobilia: Carmel’s Celebration of the Art in Automotive

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artomobilia-text-headerEach year, this unique event features a distinct gathering of recognized artists, collector cars and automotive enthusiasts, showcased on the streets of the Carmel Arts & Design District. With more than 400 enthusiast and collector cars on the streets of Carmel, the Artomobilia boasts one of the most eclectic gatherings of original, period-correct cars, including Supercar, Exotic, Sports Car, Classics, Racers, Historically Preserved, Indiana Built and Sedan/Coupe, and will be featuring two new classes, Antique Trucks and Restomods.

Each year, the Artomobilia highlights a selection of automotive anomalies that are as interesting as they are distinct. In past years, this event has featured 50 Years of Mustang, Porsche, series-winning racecars and more.

Enthusiast and collector cars come in all shapes and sizes, and our car corrals feature brand-specific examples across 25 or more different corrals. While these are not formally judged, they represent the best examples of what is going on in national and local car clubs and provide a great opportunity to see firsthand how you can participate in the car hobby.

The Artomobilia continues to grow year over year, attracting over 15,000 automotive enthusiasts of all ages to stroll among collector cars, event sponsors and the Arts & Design District’s restaurants, boutiques and storefront retailers. 

This year, the organizers are increasing the diversity of the show’s classes and will introduce two new classes, Antique Trucks and Restomods.

Artomobilia’s Founder John Leonard spoke about what’s new this year for enthusiasts to enjoy while attending this spectacular event.

“Artomobilia is a crazy group of cars, but everyone who participates has the same love of automobiles,” Leonard enthused. “At this show, you’ll see a guy who came with his Ferrari, and he’s down checking out the Chevy Corvair that reminds him of the one he owned when he was 26 years old.

“Artomobilia is a great event with a great audience and a great market. The audience appreciates great customer service, high touch and all of the things that our audience and sponsors have come to expect. This year, we’ll have a lot of the same car classes that we’ve traditionally had, but we’ve added Antique Trucks due to the call that we’ve received from owners of these trucks who want to show them.

“We’ve also added a Restomod class. Restomods are where you take a Corvette, for example, and install a modern drive train, suspension and brakes. It looks similar to the original stock but has customized features. It has the same shape as the original, but all of the underpinnings are completely different and modernized. They are drivable and enjoyable cars. We want to present cars in groups that people don’t normally see.”