Campaign Spotlight: Raju Chinthala for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District

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March/April 2024

Raju Has Experience. Raju Has Passion. Raju Is Ready to Work for You in Washington, DC.

Raju Chinthala’s mission is clear: to champion the development of Indiana’s 5th District and its hardworking constituents. Raju’s focus is on the next generation, and his vision for this district is one of progress, prosperity and opportunity.

Campaign Spotlight: Raju Chinthala


Raju’s journey began in a rural Indian village, shaped by his grandmother’s unwavering belief in education despite her lack of formal schooling. Her determination ensured Raju’s father received an education, laying the groundwork for Raju’s academic pursuits. With family support, Raju obtained dual master’s degrees in speech and hearing, along with business, before embarking on a transformative journey to America, where he forged a distinguished career spanning three decades.

In 1996, Raju launched his career as a speech-language pathologist in Kokomo, Indiana, initiating his profound impact on the state’s healthcare landscape. Emerging as a healthcare leader, Raju assisted thousands facing speech, language and cognitive challenges, extending his influence beyond healthcare into business and community service and catalyzing positive change across Indiana.

As a staunch advocate for economic growth, Raju championed initiatives leading to significant investments and job creation, fortifying Indiana’s ties with international markets, notably India. His leadership roles in organizations like the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and the Indiana India Business Council underscore his dedication to fostering economic prosperity.

Raju’s commitment to public service prompted his affiliation with the Republican Party in 2003, where he actively contributed to various initiatives, promoting constitutional adherence, fiscal responsibility, and support for veterans and military personnel. Throughout his illustrious career, Raju has earned numerous accolades, including the prestigious Sagamore of the Wabash award—twice, bestowed by former Governor Mike Pence and Governor Eric J. Holcomb. In 2022, President Joseph R. Biden honored Raju with The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, recognizing his exceptional contributions to society.

Raju resides in Carmel with his wife, Dr. Prasanna Chinthala, a geriatric psychiatrist, and their son, Anoop, who is pursuing a medical degree. Together, they epitomize a commitment to service, education and community, embodying Raju’s enduring vision of a better life for all.

Campaign Spotlight: Raju Chinthala


Raju prioritizes bipartisan cooperation, aiming for collaboration over conflict if elected. His background in healthcare and experience in economic relations highlight his leadership abilities in representing the 5th Congressional District.

Raju, drawing from his immigrant background, prioritizes bipartisan solutions for the border crisis. He seeks to reform immigration policies, integrating undocumented immigrants while safeguarding national security.

“The immigration system is broken,” Raju stated. “It is one of the worst immigration systems we have in the world. It requires a major reformation, and I am for making it better for every human being. Illegal immigration is not a Democrat or Republican issue—it is an issue for all citizens of the United States. We need to stop illegal immigration because I also believe in recognizing and securing our nation’s borders. The number-one priority for any state, city or elected official should always be public safety and national security.”

Raju continued, “My goal is to help the undocumented immigrants and work to support the 3 million-plus people that are already here; train and educate them and integrate them into our workforce that is suffering shortages in several industries. I came over through the legal immigration process, and I do believe we should stop illegal immigration, but we have to find a solution for those who have come through. The solution requires major reform and bipartisan efforts, bipartisan meetings, and bipartisan bills. I am the only candidate in the 5th District that can effectively have that bipartisan dialogue.”

Raju, a staunch fiscal conservative, prioritizes securing prosperity without burdening future generations with debt. He urges bipartisan fiscal responsibility, emphasizing the need to curb spending, simplify taxes, and foster economic growth. Raju advocates for supporting entrepreneurship and small businesses through deregulation and tax relief.

“Federal spending is another ‘vote banking’ issue,” Raju said. “It requires both Republicans and Democrats coming together because this is not a political agenda … this is an issue that affects our children, our grandchildren and the following generations. Stop stealing from the next generations! We are using their money and leaving the debt for them to pay!”

Raju urges Congress to tackle the healthcare crisis, drawing from his 25-year experience in the field. He advocates for comprehensive healthcare reform to address rising costs and regulatory burdens, proposing solutions like negotiating fair fees, expanding the workforce, and capping insurance premiums for equitable access. Urgent action is needed to alleviate waitlists and prevent Americans from seeking treatment overseas.

Raju added, “It requires pragmatic solutions. As a Republican, I believe in fostering the healthcare system and in affordable, accessible and equitable care for all Americans.”

Raju is especially dedicated to supporting veterans’ mental health in the 5th District, aiming to enhance care and expand mental health services. His vision includes strengthening healthcare infrastructure and strategically improving mental health programs and facilities.

“I want to advocate and to be the voice in Congress for our veterans,” Raju expressed. “The issues impacting our veterans are very important and dear to me. Additionally, I want to address the issues of mental health, and not just for the veterans but for every citizen … this is a priority for me.”

Raju understands that mental health issues are impacting our economy, workforce and families, yet stigma persists, hindering access to treatment. Investment in mental health professionals, community mental health care centers, and treatment options is crucial. Raju believes it is time to prioritize mental health in our communities and address its impact on our workforce and economy.

“I am running for Congress given the aspiration, passion and desire to give back to this country that has given me so much in the last 30 years,” he stated. “As a congressman, I’ll represent all constituents, and everything that I will be representing in Washington, DC, will be in the best interest of our local and state governments. We will make the 5th District the model [congressional] district in the country. My mission is simple: represent the 5th district, serve the constituents, safeguard the next generation, and ensure a brighter future for our district and nation. Raju is for YOU!”

For more information, visit Be sure to follow Raju Chinthala on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X and LinkedIn. Contact Raju Chinthala at [email protected]. Text or call at 317-572 7258.


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