Business Spotlight: LearningRx

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Four Years and Still Going Strong

Alex Koenig was the subject of a LearningRx Business Spotlight story in the June 2013 issue of the Fishers Community Newsletter. Many things have changed since then. The magazine is now called the Fishers Magazine, Alex is now 10 years old and in the fourth grade and due directly to the remarkable results Alex’s mother, Heather, saw in her daughter after completing the Learning Rx program Heather now owns the Learning Rx office.

In the 2013 story, Heather described Alex before the Learning Rx experience as follows: “At school and home, Alex was experiencing a kind of data disconnect. She would listen as her teacher or gymnastics coach rattled off instructions, but then finish only part of a task. This processing malfunction led to confusion, followed by embarrassment and acting out in class.”

After Alex completed the Learning Rx program, Heather noted in the 2013 story, the changes she saw in Alex’s cognitive skills. “The teacher now knows she gets the full set of instructions. The skills were already there, she just needed to get to them.”

The important thing to understand is that the improvement Heather saw in Alex in 2013 has remained with Alex today. According to Heather, “Today, Alex’s grades are strong and she is learning concepts that she would have never been able to absorb if we had not completed the LearningRx training. While her report cards are good, more importantly, she understands information and is able to remember it. Alex now has the confidence that whatever the challenge, she can do it. Learning and homework take less than half the time than it used to so she has more free time to do fun things and be a kid. She feels proud of herself and her accomplishments. I’ve never heard her say, “I’m just stupid,” again. Our family dynamics at home changed dramatically. Because Alex is now able to understand and process information, she no longer gets angry easily which means our home is more peaceful.”

After Heather became the new owner of LearningRx, she gave Alex another cognitive skills assessment to see where her skills were. Heather noted, “ I was amazed to see that her cognitive skills, like memory and processing speed, had continued to increase 3 years out of her program. I now know that she will be able to reach any goal she puts her sight on for her career and college. If we had done nothing, she would still be struggling and, by this time, she would probably be giving up in frustration.”

It’s not just Heather that has seen the changes in Alex. According to Alex, “LearningRx has made me feel confident about myself. I feel smarter than before and I can remember things I learn and when Mom asks me to do things. I understand things now so I don’t have to feel mad anymore. I don’t feel stupid anymore. Now I can be a Veterinarian”.

What makes LearningRx different from traditional tutoring and what convinced Heather to buy the LearningRx office is that the training clients receive at LearningRX fundamentally changes the way they process information and so it continues to help them long after the program is finished. Rather than tutoring on a particular subject, the LearningRx program provides a cognitive framework that people can use for the rest of their lives.

According to Heather, “Many learning problems are caused by inefficiencies in how the brain actually processes information, things like memory attention and processing speed. We aren’t tutoring which will only offer temporary help if there are underlying cognitive deficiencies. We are brain trainers offering a solution to learning.”

As mentioned earlier, Heather was so impressed with what LearningRx did for her daughter, Alex, she bought the business. Heather and her staff have a real passion for helping people who have learning and reading struggles.  When you choose to get help through LearningRx, you get the same life changing solution that Heather provided for her daughter back in 2013.