Bentley: An Iconic Bespoke Brand

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August 2023

Bentley Indianapolis is proud to be the first and only Bentley dealership in Indianapolis and a sponsor of Artomobilia. If you want to get behind the wheel of a new Bentley model such as the Continental, Flying Spur or even the Bentayga SUV, then Bentley Indianapolis is your place.

Timeless and Subtle Luxury

Will Hobbs, representing both Bentley Indianapolis and Bespoke Xchange, spoke about the incomparable qualities of the Bentley brand and its legacy as well as a brand-new subscription service that is Bespoke Xchange.

“Bentley is a brand that has been somewhat dormant in Indiana for the past couple of years,” Hobbs said. “Bentley Indianapolis started almost two years ago here at 96th and Keystone [Parkway] by the same family [Barham] that started Coast to Coast Imports [1999]. The growth has been awesome, and two of the brothers, Yousef and Moe [Mohammed], continue to grow their brands here in Indiana. One of the things that really separates Bentley from a lot of other marques is that [Bentley] is subtle luxury, and for those in the know … it’s ‘small batch.’ Bentley is very similar to Rolls Royce, but we use a little less chrome.”

Hobbs described Bentley as being a bit of a “dark horse.”

“While a lot of people have gravitated towards 4 and 6 cylinders, Bentley’s kind of the twilight brand for its 12 cylinder presence,” Hobbs stated. “While Bentley is looking at hybrid options as well as full electrification, going with eco-consciousness as well as performance, Bentley applications that are hybrid are still going to be cranking out 600-plus horsepower. Everything Bentley does revolves around the quote from its founder W.O. [Walter Owen] Bentley, [who founded Bentley] ‘To build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class .’”

Introducing Bespoke Xchange

Bespoke Xchange is an alternative to buying or leasing and has recently hit the radars of U.S. drivers. A car subscription offers you flexibility and a convenient way to be in a car you actually want to drive, rather than be limited by the parameters of standard ownership.

Bentley An Iconic Bespoke Brand

Another great beauty of car subscription services is that if your car preference changes, so too can the car you get to drive. You can drive a different car every month, rather than having to wait years to drive the car of your dreams. With a car subscription, you pay as you go and do not have to worry about long-term commitments that come with leasing or financing a vehicle.

Bentley An Iconic Bespoke Brand

“Bespoke is completely revolutionary for Indianapolis,” Hobbs said. “You can subscribe for as many months as you need and want and have access to high-performance cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari or anything in that exotic [car] segment. We also have a subscription that is a little more entry-level if you want a nice Mercedes, Range Rover or something that’s in that luxury sphere.”

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