Artomobilia Is Back With Gator Motorsport as the 2021 Title Sponsor

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April 2021

Artomobilia announced that Gator Motorsport will be the title sponsor for the 2021 Artomobilia: A Celebration of Automotive Art & Design, hosted on the streets of the Carmel Arts & Design District on Saturday, August 28, 2021.

“We’re excited to have the team at Gator Motorsport involved in Artomobilia again this year, albeit in a much more significant way,” said John Leonard, event director. “Their lineup of Lotus cars, in addition to their automotive service, is really exceptional. Colin Chapman’s best-known quote, ‘Simplify, then add lightness,’ is a philosophy that works every time it’s tried. In a similar way, Young Kim and his team at Gator Motorsport embody that same spirit of high performance with a focus on the driver’s experience. And we’re thrilled to have them on board,”

Artomobilia Is Back

Artomobilia is scheduled to return to the Carmel Arts & Design District on Saturday, August 28, 2021, from 12 noon to 5 p.m. After the postponing last year’s events and replacing them with a series of rallies, the Artomobilia team is back and planning for a special event that showcases collector and enthusiast cars in a way that meets the guidance requirements of local government and health care professionals.

This year, the Artomobilia team will again host nationally recognized sponsors, more than 400 vehicles and thousands of guest in the Arts and Design District in Carmel. They’ll also include a special activity, called Arto-Palooza, that focuses in on three marks: Porsche, BMW and Lotus … aptly named Porsche-Palooza, BMW-Palooza and Lotus-Palooza. This year, the event will feature more than 26 collector classes and enthusiast corrals, including Super Car, Exotic, Classic, Sports car, European, Domestic, Vintage and Racers, attracting visitors from Indiana and the surrounding states.

In the last few years, Artomobilia has expanded to include the entire weekend and a total of four events during the final weekend in August. On Friday, the team will host the Shift Rally as well as Fuelicious at the Lucas Estate. On Saturday, Artomobilia will be showcased in the Carmel Arts & Design District. And on Sunday will be the newest event, Revolanté, hosted at The Bridgewater Club.

Since 2008, Artomobilia has focused on display and appreciation over the competition, and although each of the automobiles is truly magnificent, this event is not just about cars; it’s about the art and automotive enthusiasts. The event embraces the essence of automotive art and design by uniquely combining the artwork of local galleries and artists with the presentation of significant automobiles and their iconic design.

“Artomobilia has become a ‘must-see’ on the list of every car enthusiast in Indiana … and we’re excited to be a part of that,” said Young Kim, founder and president of Gator Motorsport. “We continue to expand our involvement in monthly and annual events that support and enhance the automotive experience and the car community at large. Indianapolis has a great, and growing, car culture going back more than 100 years, and our focus is to build on that … whether we’re fitting customers with the right Lotus model, consigning client cars, servicing all types of performance sportscars and sedans, hosting track days or participating in events like Artomobilia. We’re thrilled to continue to create and support great automotive experiences.”

Gator Motorsport is Indiana’s only authorized Lotus sales and service center. Gator is also the Midwest’s only authorized sales and service centers for Rossion and Zenos. Catering to motoring enthusiasts who are passionate about their cars, Gator Motorsport is proud to offer a unique and distinguished sales and service experience. They have invested in the most advanced equipment, training, and people in order to offer a wide array of services from basic fluid changes and inspections to performance modifications, full race preparation, and custom full-service life cycle programs for your vehicle.

Artomobilia Is Back

Opening its doors in 2013, Gator Motorsport is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream by founder Young Kim. Built on the philosophy that “every detail matters,” it is the mission of every Gator Motorsport team member to provide their clients with an unrivaled experience and to treat every vehicle as though it belonged to them. Gator Motorsports team members realize that they are ambassadors of their brands, their business and their community, and they represent them with the honesty, integrity and passion at the heart of who they are.

Please join the Artomobilia team in welcoming Gator Motorsport and take a few minutes to check out more information on Artomobilia Weekend, August 27–29. Visit