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As soon as you enter Amazing Lash Studio, located at 2902 W. 86th St., Indianapolis, you feel comfortable as you are greeted in their contemporary, upscale setting. What you will also find satisfying is that Amazing Lash Studio offers its initial eyelash extension service at a very affordable price, starting at $89.99. Lastly, for most women, the great thing about getting lash extensions is the time and hassle saved by not having to apply mascara in the morning.

Amazing Lash:
Amazing Lash Studio

The Amazing Lash Studio on 86th Street is the first in the Indy area, but a second is scheduled to open in The Yard in Fishers this fall. As of February 2019, Amazing Lash Studio was in 26 states with over 200 locations and 114,000 members. It is one of the fastest-growing franchise systems in the country.

After you arrive, you will be asked to provide some basic information that your licensed lash stylist will use, in addition to having a personal consultation to determine the style, length and thickness of lash extension that is just right for you. You will be happy to know that all lash stylists at each Amazing Lash Studio are licensed estheticians or cosmetologists who have also been put through 80 hours of additional training by Amazing Lash Studio.

What Are Lash Extensions and How Do Lash Extensions Work?

First, eyelash extensions are not the false eyelashes you buy in drugstores that come in a strip and you glue on yourself. At some places, they will stack several extensions on a single eyelash, which can cause damage to the natural eyelash. But at Amazing Lash Studio, they have a policy of one-to-one, where a single extension is placed on a single natural eyelash. As you might imagine, having eyelash extensions applied is a lengthy, tedious process for the lash stylist, usually taking two hours. During this process, the lash stylist is attaching 90 to 120 lash extensions per eye, depending on the number of natural eyelashes you have.

While the process may be tedious for the lash stylists, for the person receiving the lash extensions, it can be two hours of blissful relaxation as they lie on a cushioned massage table with their eyes closed in a private suite.

How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

Everyone sheds some of their natural eyelashes daily. Because the eyelash extensions are attached to the eyelashes, you will lose the eyelash extensions as you shed your natural eyelashes. Without any maintenance, the lash extensions will last approximately four to six weeks.


To properly maintain the lashes, you need a refill every two to three weeks. However, Amazing Lash Studio offers their clients two maintenance programs:

Basic: $69.99 per month, which entitles you to one eyelash refill credit per month

Twice As Amazing: $119.99 per month for two refill credits for the month

With the maintenance programs, you also get the added bonus of discounts on all retail products.

What’s New in Eyelash Services?

In addition to lash extensions, Amazing Lash Studio also offers a Lash Lift. Essentially, it gives a semipermanent curl to your existing natural lashes. It usually lasts four to six weeks, depending on natural lash growth. Cost of the Lash Lift is $69.99.

Amazing Lash Studio also offers what it calls its Featherweight lash extensions. For the same cost as normal lash extensions, you can have the Featherweight, which have half the weight and double the volume.

If you’re looking to save some time in the morning and improve you look, call or stop by Amazing Lash Studio for an amazing deal on lash extensions.

2902 West 86th Street Suite 40
Indianapolis, IN 46268
317 830 3104