Midtown Holiday Home Tour

Midtown Holiday Home Tour

October 2017 The goosebumps on the back of your neck might not be from cold weather when you attend the 2017 Midtown Holiday Home Tour Saturday and Sunday, November 11 and 12. At Tuckaway House, […]

Jeff McDermott

Leading the Center into Its Next Phase

October 2017 Writer // Janelle Morrison          Photography // Submitted It has been nearly a year since we sat down with Jeff McDermott, then-interim CEO of Carmel’s Center for the Performing Arts. […]

Mayor Brainard 2017 Quarterly Update

October 2017 Writer // Janelle Morrison As the City of Carmel looks to close out another productive calendar year, we sat down with Mayor Jim Brainard to discuss a brief overview of some of the […]

What’s Brewing in Whitestown?

September 2017 Writer // Janelle Morrison Photos // Submitted If you love craft beers, then you won’t want to miss out on the 3rd Annual Whitestown Brew Fest, on Saturday, September 16. The Whitestown Parks […]

Careml International Arts festival

Let the Season of Festivals Begin!

September 2017 Writer // Janelle Morrison There is no doubt we are entering the season of festivals with increasingly cooler nights and the visible signs of the changing season. The city of Carmel is steeped […]

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