Healthier You


November 2017

Writer / Ann Craig-Cinnamon

Believe it or not, the holiday season is right around the corner again. With the holidays come parties, get-togethers, and festivities that cause many people to want to look and feel their best. Thanks to some local businesses that specialize in making clients look and feel good, we have some ideas for you!

Nicholson Orthodontics

When it comes to our appearance and our health, there may be nothing more beautiful or healthier- looking than a great smile, and that’s where Nicholson Orthodontics comes in. Dr. James Nicholson has been in the business of creating beautiful smiles for 35 years.healthyyou

Dr. Nicholson provides orthodontic treatment for all ages, including early orthodontic treatment to correct any upcoming problems children may experience, several different options of braces to meet the needs of teen patients and adult orthodontic treatment. The treatments not only result in an attractive smile, but also correctly align teeth to provide ideal jaw function.

Dr. Nicholson says such procedures can be life-changing. “A beautiful smile can give you more confidence for a happier, healthier life,” he says.

Dr. Nicholson offers complimentary initial consultations, and for children with braces, he offers bus service to and from Zionsville schools. “Brace Bus is a service we provide for our patients,” he says. “We pick them up from school, bring them to their appointments and take them back. This is provided at no additional cost. It’s great for working parents.”

For adults, Dr. Nicholson offers braces and Invisalign. “Invisalign is an option for adults and teens who do not want their braces to show. They wear clear aligners instead of metal braces,” says Dr. Nicholson. “Each patient is evaluated to see which option is best for them. Adults love Invisalign.”

Dr. Nicholson’s office offers personal treatment plans catered to patients’ needs. “We strive for excellence,” he says. “Our goal is that you will be more than a patient; you’ll become a friend.”

For more information, call 317-873-6927 or visit to fill out an appointment request. Dr. Nicholson has two locations: 95 E. Oak St. in Zionsville. and 1911 N. Lebanon St. in Lebanon.

e-Boom Electric Bikes

Want to get in better shape? Ride a bike! Not only can e-Boom Electric Bikes help you out with that, but they make it more fun.

healthyyoue-Boom Electric Bikes is a retail bicycle shop that sells pedal-assist electric bikes that help people ride more often and longer distances. According to e-Boom Co-owner Lee Ann McKay, electric bikes work just like normal bikes, but with added motor/battery power to give your ride a little boost.

“That added power can help riders climb tough hills and bike farther, so recreational bikers can enjoy their rides longer, and commuters can ride their bicycles to work without arriving sweaty and tired,” she says.

McKay says they have found electric bikes help people who are trying to lose weight and need to exercise because they are fun to ride, and people are willing to ride more often to get in shape. Also, people with illnesses purchase the e-bikes, which gives them an easier ride and helps them with the healing process or managing their disease.

McKay says that electric bikes are often called “lazy bikes” by people who have never tried one. “These bikes benefit both avid bike riders as well as those who never ride bikes and want to get back into riding again,” she says.

For people who are out of shape and want to start riding, McKay says e-bikes get people off the couch and into exercising again. “The great benefit is that they can ease into riding and getting into shape by depending upon the motor/battery assistance more than a regular rider,” she says. “And, the best benefit in riding an electric bike is that they are so much fun to ride. There are the technical aspects of the e-bikes and just the ‘weeeee’ factor that makes them awesome to ride.”

McKay says they have the largest selection of electric bike types and models in Indiana.  Visit or call the shop at 317-340-4156. They are located at 6659 Whitestown Parkway in Zionsville.

Medical Spa at Witham

One of the first things people notice about you is your skin. Is yours in good shape? The Medical Spa at Witham Health Services provides a variety of services that will keep you looking your best during the holidays and anytime.witham health

Witham Health Services, which has served the residents of Boone and surrounding counties for over 102 years, continually evaluates the area’s healthcare needs and looks for opportunities to improve access and provide high-quality care and services.

Esthetician and licensed Massage Therapist Caroline Stacey says the Witham Medical Spa provides an important service. “We’re proud to say that for the last eight years, the Medical Spa at Witham has been providing luxury skincare and customized treatments alongside the professionals at Witham. We provide a well-rounded approach to their overall health.”

The Witham Medical Spa offers laser treatments and advanced skin care and utilizes the Cynosure Elite MPX Laser that treats both light and dark skin. The spa does laser hair removal, leg and facial veins, IPL treatments and pigmented lesions.

“Right now, our clients are loving our laser hair removal treatments because they feel empowered to approach the world confidently without the time commitment and hassle of shaving or other hair removal applications,” says Stacey.

She says their quiet location in the hospital is surrounded by advanced medical services close by, which is an advantage. “If a client comes in with more serious skincare concerns, that next level of care is easily accessible to them because of our location,” she says. “We are focused and committed not just to aesthetics but to their overall wellness and health.”

You can contact the Witham Medical Spa at 765-485-8772. View their full-service menu at or follow them on Facebook for Medical Spa specials.

“Whether you’d like to treat yourself to something special or simply to shed the stress of daily living, our esthetician and massage therapist is here to pamper you,” says Stacey.

Integrative Medicine, Laser and Aesthetics

Perhaps what you need is a whole-body approach from the inside out in order to look and feel your best. That’s what Integrative Medicine, Laser and Aesthetics offers patients.healthyyou

Integrative Medicine is a medical practice that specializes in Functional Medicine, Laser and Aesthetic services, such as laser hair removal, spider vein removal, laser skin tightening, medical grade facials and chemical peels for men and women.

Physician and Owner Dr. CJ Pabla says his practice offers something not found anywhere else. “We offer pigment removal, such as age spots and skin tags, using a revolutionary treatment with a precise flow of carbon dioxide freezing at a milder temperature than traditional cryogens, reducing inflammation to the surrounding tissue,” he says. “We are the only practice in Indy to use the SkinCeuticals CryoCorrect pen.”

Dr. Pabla says that his services should appeal to anyone who wants to become healthier or live a healthier lifestyle because Integrative Medicine takes care of the whole person. “We work from the inside out to achieve optimal results. For example, skincare should be addressed from the inside by taking antioxidants and removing inflammatory foods,” he says. “It should be addressed from the outside by using topical medical grade skin products and using gold standard equipment in the industry.”

Integrative Medicine provides one-on-one physician-led services, giving great attentiveness to patients, says Dr. Pabla. “Our Laser is also the gold standard in the industry, allowing us to use more energy while being more effective and minimizing patient discomfort and irritation. Our atmosphere Is very warm and inviting.”

You can find out more by calling the Integrative Medicine, Laser and Aesthetics office at 1-800-538-5513, visiting or checking out their Facebook page.

Dr. Pabla adds they are currently offering a 20 percent discount to all new patients on all services.